Listen Up Manchester Present: The Top 10 of 2013
"I've selected them because this is simply one of the freshest and best things I've heard this year."
Listen Up Manchester

Review of music video "Naked City Colt"
"The pure momentum."
Vegas Seven

Music not to miss at LIB (Life is Beautiful Festival)
"They deliver a powerfully engaging live show and capture fans with grooves and hooks that are catchy, infectious and more than a little dirty."
Las Vegas CityLife

In conversation with....The Dirty Hooks
"...we certainly recommend our readers to Listen Up for The Dirty Hooks!"
Listen Up Manchester

Music Review
"This is one band I really want to hear more of. I been asked to mark this out of 6, with 6 being the highest mark I can give……… hell with that, this is a 10"
MRU Magazine

Girls, Girls, Girls
"The band is still riding high on the acclaim heaped upon 2012 full-length Electric Grit, which gets better every time I spin it"
Vegas Seven Magazine

Las Vegas Weekly's 10 Vegas Bands to hear in 2013
"Think early Black Keys with a touch of The White Stripes—Americana rock with a heavy blues influence and some synth and drum samples. The Hooks are at their best when McCall shares singing duties with Cali, whose vocal range is impressive. Most importantly, they don’t sound like many other bands in Las Vegas."
Las Vegas Weekly

The Dirty Hooks - Live Show Review
"Color us impressed at the Dirty Hooks’ ability to not only sound as great—if not better—than their album."
Vegas Seven

Electric Grit - CD Review
"At first listen, this immediately drags you in with its guitars that sound like drills, the monster bass lines and upbeat chorus."
Smash Magazine

Electric Grit - CD Review
"Goddamn that's some kick-ass rock 'n' roll!"
Vegas Seven

Best Local Album 2012
"This disc will snag and drag you by the gills-hard!"
Vegas Seven

Being new again: Music scene vets form The Dirty Hooks
"Both bare-knuckled and remarkably erotic. You know, sex rock."
Las Vegas City Life

Habit Forming
"I've been snagged, tagged and bagged by the best new Vegas band I've heard in years..."
Vegas Seven